Pastor Adam Moritz

My Family

My wife, Ashley, and I have been married since 2008. We began dating when we were both juniors in High School, and made it all the way through college before we finally tied the knot! Ashley is the great love of my life, and is an amazing partner to live and grow in Christ with. We have three children, a daughter named Kendall Joy, and a son named Sawyer Dean, and another son named Declan Ray. We also are foster parents, so at times we have additional children as the Lord provides.

My Hobbies

I really do love the work I do for the Church. Often I’ll be working on it during my free time, not because I feel like I need to, but because it gives me such joy and drive. However, a man must have other hobbies! I very much enjoy reading and writing, as well as listening to music (and playing it when I take the time). Beyond that, there is the classic “Hanging out with friends and family”. Overall I really just enjoy spending time with people, as well as spending time with just myself.


I graduated from Hudsonville High School in 2004, and went on to Bible College! It took many hours of hard work, but in 2008 I graduated from Kuyper College with a Bachelor’s Degree in Youth Ministry. Beyond that, I am a lover of self-education, and am constantly reading books, studying things, and always wanting to learn more about this world we live in, my walk with Christ, and the ministries God has called me to.

Life Experience

I suppose I’ve had as much life experience as anyone else. In some areas I’ve lived a lot, others I feel that I don’t know much. I’ve worked as a medical aid for people in wheelchairs, as a bagger at a supermarket, in a greenhouse, at a sub shop, at Best Buy, and at summer camps as a counselor. Overall, I enjoy life experiences, and always do my best to see what the Lord is teaching me through any circumstances in life, easy or hard.

My Passion

My passion is God and the Bible. Many people say that, but I really do find God’s word and His character just amazing. The grace the Lord has given me is beyond explanation, and I find it impossible to truly comprehend or appreciate. I suppose that’s why I’m a youth pastor. I remember what it was like as a teenager and the questions that would come to mind, the confusion and uncertainty of life as it constantly changed around me. I found great comfort from the godly people in my life, and I feel led by the Lord to provide that same comfort and answers to the teenagers God sends my way.

My View from Lighthouse

Since I’ve joined the staff of Lighthouse, my life has changed drastically. My friendships have increased and grown, my feeling of purpose in life has increased, my knowledge of God’s word has increased, and most importantly, my sincere desire to daily walk with and increase my relationship with the Lord has improved. Lighthouse isn’t a church for the weak hearted Christian who simply wants to be told what he wants to hear, but a place of conviction that speaks the truth always, no matter the consequences. I admire that, and find it is making me a stronger man for God.