Pastor Chad Demers – Pastor of Worship and Adult Discipleship

My Family

My wife, Toni, and I have been married for 17 years.  We have three children, William, Isaac, and Gabriella.  I grew up in southeast South Dakota and Toni grew up in West Michigan.  How did we meet?  You will have to ask me to tell you that story…it takes a while, let me just say it was love at first sight-at least for me!  We live in Allendale and have been attending Lighthouse for 6 years.

My Hobbies

I love my “job”!  I count it a blessing to not only be doing what God has called me to do, but to be doing it along side my father, Pastor Steve.  I love taking the family out fishing and tubing on the boat.  Spending time with my family would be my favorite hobby.  I also enjoy reading and writing music when I have time.


My college years were spent seeking what God wanted me to do with my life…I guess I could say they were spent running from what God wanted me to do with my life.  I have always loved music, and right out of High School I went to South Dakota State where I studied music theory, music composition, and music history.  While I enjoyed this I felt there was something more that God was calling me to.  I then attended Reformed Bible College (now Kuyper) in Grand Rapids as I continued to seek God’s will for me.  I learned early on that Youth Ministry was not where He wanted me and finally ended up at Northwestern College in Orange City Iowa.  Still not having a clear direction for my life, I spent a year as the Volunteer Coordinator for a mission in Neon, Kentucky where I organized short term mission teams who came to help in construction projects in the Hazard County area (yes, there really is a Hazard, Kentucky)!  Through an acquaintance I made while there, I ended up moving to Grand Rapids to work for Inner City Christian Federation building low-income housing.  My education-“where You go I’ll go, where You stay I’ll stay, when You move, I’ll move”.  I think the best way to explain my education is to say that it is not done yet!

Life Experience

Once Toni and I were married, I started my own construction company.  Business was great!  BUT, I have always known that in some way I was going to be involved in ministry.  Once the housing market crashed, it was obvious that a change needed to be made, and God opened an opportunity for me to work at Allendale True Value until the opportunity to be the Worship Director at Lighthouse opened up.  I thank God for the life-lessons He taught me while I “roamed” around trying to figure out what He was calling me to do.  I have been the Worship Director at Lighthouse for 5 years, and the Adult Ministries Director for two years.

My Passion

My passion is to live a life of worship and to help others to see that worship is not a “time” during a Sunday morning gathering, and it is not a “style”.  But rather, worship is a lifestyle.
“When the music fades, and all is stripped away, and I simply come…longing just to bring something that’s of worth, that will bless Your heart-I’ll bring You more than a song, for a song in itself is not what you have required…You search much deeper within…You’re looking into my heart.  I’m coming back to the heart of worship, it’s all about You Jesus.”  -Matt Redman

My View from Lighthouse

The life as a follower of Christ is about “New Beginnings”.  Lighthouse has seen it’s share of new beginnings!  Through them all, God has blessed obedience as we seek to follow Him, to set our eyes on Him, to follow His word and truth alone, and to be who He has called us to be-a light in the darkness.  I thank God for the privilege to serve Him in this place and look forward to what He has in store for all of us as we keep our eyes and hearts on Him!