God’s Plan of Salvation – This I know!


To you who believe in Jesus Christ … GOD saved you!!  He chose you, called you, gave you new life through the work of His Spirit and moved you to repent and to believe in Jesus, His Son, the promised Messiah, the Christ.  Having believed, He declared you righteous in Christ and adopted you into His family and now sees you as holy as His Spirit works in you in order to conform you to the image of His Son, and He will finally make you perfect as you enter into the new heaven and the new earth that He will create!

GOD saved you … you did not save yourself!  Your life is His, now and forever.  You do not exist for yourself but for the one who died and rose again.  Jesus is your Savior and your Lord!!

If you know this … if you KNOW this, it is because you are His, because HE saved you to be His!

If you don’t know this, yet, it is because either with your ears or your heart you have not yet heard or accepted the whole truth of the Gospel of God’s grace in Jesus Christ.  If you don’t believe this, yet, it may be because you at this moment remain spiritually dead, unwilling and unable to discern truth from the lies you have been told or have believed and that now hold you in bondage, without hope and without God in the world.

If you don’t believe this, yet, the best hope for you is that you have believed in Jesus, but simply do not really understand your uniqueness and identity in Christ because you have not been taught, because you have been told that you are still like everyone else, except that you “chose” to believe in Jesus … something others could do if only they would.  You have been told that God’s love for you is no different than His love for the person who worships “God” by some other name, or the person who takes His name in vain, who perhaps even mocks Jesus and those who follow Him, who hates God or who worships idols of stone, wood, money or things.

If you don’t believe this, yet, it is because at this moment you are ignorant of God’s truly amazing grace and of His plan to save me, and others, by HIS free will because He is God and you and I are not.  BUT, it may be that my Father in heaven will use the very truth you now reject to awaken your dead spirit and to open your heart and mind to receive new life in Christ or, if you have truly believed, to grow in your understanding of the one true and only Gospel message.  God’s Word is profitable for teaching and instruction, as well as for rebuke and correction.

“THIS I KNOW” is a series of messages from God’s Word that will follow God’s plan of salvation from beginning to end, from His unconditional election of some to be His children to our final state of glorification, when we are made like Christ and dwell in the presence of God forever in a new heaven and earth of His creating!!  What a glorious day that will be!

Our prayer is that some will be moved by God’s Spirit through sovereign grace to embrace the truth revealed in God’s Word, coming to faith in Jesus Christ and receiving the gift of eternal life.  And we pray that others will discover their true identity in understanding, perhaps for the first time, the privilege of being a child of God, a “saint,” saved by God’s grace and washed by the blood of Christ.  We pray that you will realize the joy of being one of God’s chosen people and that you will embrace your calling as part of the Church, the “ekklesia,” the “called-out ones.”  Only then can you fulfill your calling as a disciple of Jesus, an heir of eternal life, an ambassador of His kingdom!!

And if, by God’s grace, He uses His Word to call you to Himself and/or to help you to grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, then you will KNOW … THEN you will KNOW that it is GOD who saved you, and you will live to worship and glorify Him!!

Sermon Dates & Titles

Pt. 1 – Sept. 12:  “The False Gospel of God’s Love for All”

Pt. 2 – Sept. 19:  “Election:  God’s Sovereign Choice!”

Pt. 3 – Sept. 26:  “Effectual Calling:  100%  ‘Success’ Rate!”

Pt. 4 – Oct. 3:  “Regeneration:  New Creations in Christ!”

Pt. 5 – Oct. 10:  “Faith and Repentance:  The Fruit of New Life”

Pt. 6 – Oct. 17:  “Justification by Faith:  God’s Gift of Righteousness in Christ”

Pt. 7 – Oct. 24:  “Adoption:  ‘Abba,’ Father!”

Pt. 8 – Oct. 31:  “Sanctification:  Becoming Like Christ”

Pt. 9 – Nov. 7:  “Perseverance:  GOD Is Able!”

Pt. 10 – Nov. 14:  “Death:  And What Comes Next!”

Pt. 11 – Nov. 21:  “Glorification:  The Destiny of ALL the Saints!”