9 – Heaven is Real! … And I’m Going to be There!”

The Truth About God, Satan, Angels, Demons, Heaven and Hell

HEAVEN is real … not because any human being says so, but because GOD reveals in His Word the truth about the destiny of those who are united to Christ by faith through the work of His Spirit. God cannot lie. Heaven is real and is the place where God dwells in all of His glory. It is the place where He is worshiped by angels and by believers who have left their earthly dwelling-place. While other religions offer an “after-life” of one kind or another, only Christianity reveals so many details of that place … details found only in God’s Word, the Bible.  It is here that the throne-room of God is unveiled for a glimpse into the future dwelling-place of all who believe in Jesus Christ. But who will be there? Is it too bold for any human being to declare, “I’m going to be there!”? As those without any knowledge of God, without any belief in Jesus Christ, and without any evidence of spiritual life declare that almost everyone goes “to a better place” when they die, they reject the very offer of salvation and life through faith in Jesus Christ that is necessary for entrance into the presence of our holy God! Believing THEY are “good enough” to earn a spot in this “better place,” they ridicule and mock those who confess we are NOT “good enough,” yet are confident of our home in heaven because we have received LIFE by grace through faith in Jesus. Rather than living in a vain attempt to EARN a place in heaven, we live in thankfulness to God for His amazing grace and endless love for His children. We are, of all people, most blessed! As you hear and believe what God says about this wonderful place, may His Spirit move your heart to praise and thanksgiving, while at the same time patiently serving your Father in heaven until He calls you home!!