1 – “Who IS Jesus? And Why Does It Matter?!”

Going … Make Disciples!

Living in the midst of our modern world, having access to an unending stream of knowledge on every subject imaginable, what possible difference could it make to your life whether or not you understand or believe what one book says about one man who lived nearly 2,000 years ago?  But what if that “one man” was the fulfillment of hundreds of prophecies made over a few thousand years??  And what if that “one man” was, in fact, the eternal Son of God who came to earth to offer Himself as the perfect sacrifice for sin on the cross?  And what if He actually died, rose again and ascended into heaven???  Would it matter then what you know and believe about this “one man,” whose name is Jesus, the Christ????? How quickly and easily billions of people discount the truth about Jesus that is revealed in the Bible because they don’t believe the Bible is the Word of God! Howquicklyandeasilypeoplebelievetheliesoffalsereligionsand the lies of sinful men who are instruments of Satan to deceive those who do not love the truth, who do not know Jesus and who refuse to acknowledge that He is both Savior and Lord!! What about you??  As we begin to look at the life and ministry of Jesus through the Gospels of Matthew and John in particular, ask yourself if your “belief” or your “faith” in Jesus is built upon the truth revealed in God’s Word or in the ideas you and others have arrived at through purely human suppositions.  Do you KNOW Jesus Christ, the eternal Son of God, who became flesh in order to save those who believe from the coming judgment of God?  Only by knowing the truth, receiving Jesus as your Savior and acknowledging Him as your Lord, can you have the blessed assurance that our Father in heaven offers to His true children!  Listen to the testimony of the writers of the Gospels and know the truth that sets you free from doubt, fear, worry, anxiety and so much more, and replace all of that with hope, peace and joy in Jesus!!!