13 – “What do you want from Jesus?”

Going … Make Disciples!

Most people probably have some kind of “wish list.” People look at their lives and imagine what might make them happier or more fulfilled/satisfied. You can think of the children’s stories of a genie in a bottle who would grant three wishes. What would you wish for? As you look at your life in this world today, where does your mind go? We who believe in Jesus know that God Himself is the source of every good and perfect gift, and that He has promised to give us everything we NEED to serve Him as disciples of Jesus.  He has given us life through His Spirit, forgiveness through the blood of Christ shed on the cross and the sure and certain promise of eternal life. Still, there may be other “things” or opportunities or experiences on your wish list.  But here’s the question: as you live in this world as a disciple of Jesus, knowing the truth of His kingdom, believing He is reigning at the Father’s right hand, what do you WANT from Jesus? What do you truly NEED from Jesus? It is not surprising that those who cannot “see” God’s kingdom live their lives loving the things of the world and pursuing the elusive “happiness” that the things of the world offer their flesh. The sinful human nature is all about pleasing itself! Yet most end up in a state of dissatisfaction or despair because few people get everything they want. Life is short, and then … well, we all know what comes next. Those who know Jesus, however, and who are born again by His Spirit can SEE His kingdom! We understand that there is MORE to “LIFE” than the things and experiences this world has to offer. What do you WANT/NEED from Jesus? Listen carefully to Jesus’ words as He offers to all who come to Him exactly what you need … and you can have it … TODAY!!