10 – “Hell … the ‘Surprise’ Ending No One Expects!”

The Truth About God, Satan, Angels, Demons, Heaven and Hell

It may be said that unless you believe in hell you may discover its reality the hard way … by going there!!  While that may seem like a harsh statement, the clear teaching of God’s Word is that hell exists and many will be surprised when they arrive at their eternal destination. The wrath and judgment of God continue to be topics most people either do not hear about or do not believe. False teachers have “tickled the ears” of people by filling their minds with lies about God’s love for all mankind … meaning every single person. They have “redefined” God’s love by discarding the truth God reveals in His Word and replacing it with a generic, meaningless emotion that leaves our eternal destination in our own hands. “Hell,” they say, is an old-fashioned idea designed by religious zealots to persuade unsuspecting people to follow them. However, GOD says HELL is real! As certainly as heaven exists, so does hell. It is a literal place, described as a “fiery furnace,” where the wicked will endure the wrath and judgment of the God they have rejected … forever!!  Eternity is a long time. This life is a mere “blink” compared to eternity, and yet the spiritual blindness of those who are not born again by the Spirit of God leaves them destined for judgment. There is nothing they can do to escape the just consequences of their sinful rebellion. ALL people would remain in that condition, deserving God’s judgment, on a collision course with our Creator … BUT GOD!!! In His wrath, God remembered mercy. God’s plan to save His chosen ones is the central theme of the Bible, stretching from Genesis through Revelation. Thank God that as we talk about the reality of hell, we who believe need not fear, for we have been redeemed by the blood of the Lamb, our Savior and, Lord Jesus Christ. If ever you have rejoiced in your salvation, let it be today!!