2 – “A Worthy Response to the Unchangeable Character of God”

The Truth About God, Satan, Angels, Demons, Heaven and Hell

People do not worship God because they do not know God. People do not love God because they do not know God. People do not serve God because they do not know God. How can this be? The church has been telling people about God for nearly 2,000 years! And before that, God revealed Himself to Adam and Eve, and after the flood to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, and their descendants. Still, the majority of people in the world continue to reject the testimony of God Himself in His Word, imagining that IF a “god” exists, it is anybody’s guess who or what “God” is like. The majority opinion today, even in much of the church, is that God is LOVE. Most people do not care to go beyond that adjective. It is both comforting and reassuring to those living in the world today. “God loves you!” is the phrase most often used in “witnessing” to people, whether they are struggling or just coasting through life without a care. But what if there’s more to GOD’s character than a vague, rather meaningless “love” for all of mankind? And how do you convince people who know nothing about the God who reveals Himself in His Word that a “God” they don’t know loves them??? Something’s missing!!! And that something is the truth of God’s HOLINESS! Of all the religions of the world, only true Christianity proclaims the holy God who reveals Himself in His Word to His people, because the Bible is the only “book” in the world through which the one true God speaks to those who are given ears to hear. It is the holy God who is offended by sin and who must execute His justice on sinners. And it is the holy God who sent His own Son to bear the penalty for sin on the cross. Therefore, it is the holy God who offers forgiveness and life to those who deserve nothing but judgment. Only when, through the work of His Spirit within you, you know of the unchangeable character of this holy God, will you be moved to respond to God’s gracious offer of forgiveness and eternal life. Only then will you worship Him because you love Him, and serve Him because HE is worthy!