23 – “Markers of Remembrance”

Stand Alone Sermon

Memorial Day began shortly after the Civil War to remember those who had died. Through the years it has been a “marker” to remember all those who have fallen in war, and some even use the day to remember other loved ones who have died, and to honor their memory. Remembering is an important part of the life of God’s people. Living in this world, it is easy to forget how we arrived where we are today, in our individual lives and families, in our nation and beyond. You see the evil deeds of mankind, and the news recounts the tragedies caused by sinful people all around you. How does all of this make sense? What is the answer?? What can we do??? You need to remember! God’s people need to set up “markers” for the generations that follow us, and we need to testify that our God is with us now, as He has been in the past. We need to tell our children and our grandchildren what God has done for us, for only then will they find true and lasting hope in believing what He can and will do for them as they trust Him and serve Him. We who know the one true God are not helpless victims living in the world without God and without hope. We have a Savior who died for us to satisfy God’s wrath against our sins and to give us new life by His Word and Spirit! Jesus Christ is seated at the Father’s right hand, ruling over all things for His Body, the Church. We are not alone, and life has meaning and purpose as we serve our risen and exalted King! Spend time remembering these things and talking to your children about what God has done for you … and for them. Pass on “markers” to the next generation, lest they forget what the Lord has done! The blessing of God rests on those who remember!!