3 – “ANTI-LIFE: Sexual Immorality”

I Have Come That They May Have LIFE!

Human experience tells us that one step in the wrong direction often leads to more steps in the wrong direction.  That has certainly been the case when it comes to sexual immorality of all kinds in our nation over the past few decades. The cultural norms or values that guided accepted behavior have been discarded by many, perhaps the majority, and the sinfulness of human nature has been exposed at a level not witnessed on such a depraved level in the history of our nation. God’s Word and His laws have been cast aside as irrelevant and mistaken, leaving the sinful natures of those who do not know God to indulge their flesh without any boundaries to limit their imagination. So far from the “LIFE” Jesus promised to those who are His sheep, today’s expressions of sexual immorality reveal such a stark contrast that they can only be called ANTI-LIFE! And what is worse yet, is that this “anti-life” is being peddled by many in the church as part of the “life” and “freedom” that Jesus wants His people to enjoy. Those of us who by God’s grace hold to the truth of God’s Word and stand firm on His design for human sexuality and marriage are considered extreme and are told to keep our opinions to ourselves. If we were simply offering our opinions, perhaps people might feel justified in going their own way, making their own choices and facing the consequences. But we who believe in Jesus Christ and who know what God’s Word says are called to love our neighbors as ourselves. That requires warning others of the judgment that will come upon those who reject God’s call to repentance and to faith in Jesus Christ, desiring to turn from sin to follow Jesus. Doing anything less would be unloving and unkind. We will see today the contrast between God’s design and the perversion of that design all around us, and then hear God’s call to “do something,” to speak to those around us, offering them LIFE in the place of death!! Be strong in the Lord and in His mighty power. He is with us!! “Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good” (Romans 12:31).