4 – “The Life-Giving Nature of FAMILY!”

I Have Come That They May Have LIFE!

There used to be such a thing as “the nuclear family” … a family unit made up of a father, mother and children. While some remained single and others were not able to have children, or chose not to do so, most people used to grow up in a family with a father and a mother. In the past sixty years all that has changed dramatically! And the change is not for the better!! Due to the deception of sexual immorality and gender confusion, along with the decline in the number of people who live by Biblical values and who accept God’s design for men and women, the truth about what constitutes a “family” in God’s eyes has been nearly lost. A society cannot long exist that does not have at its core family units who nurture children in the truth of God’s Word. The family is God’s design for replenishing a society with people who will serve God by serving others. Together with the Church, families are united together for God’s purpose, making disciples of Jesus Christ as they live IN the world, while not being part OF the world. Without the stability of families, united in Christ, living out His Word, being salt and light, a society and a nation crumble amidst the darkness of spiritual death. Few today seem to understand what is happening in our nation and in other nations around the world where God’s Word has been abandoned and replaced by human “wisdom.” Human nature, left to itself, will inevitably self-destruct. Only when by God’s grace a group of people turn from serving themselves to serving God, trusting in Jesus Christ as Savior and acknowledging Him as Lord, can a community or a nation receive God’s blessing as they live together to serve Him by the power of His Spirit living within them. As people cry out, “What can we do?” The answer lies in the building of strong families and a strong church! This is God’s design for living the LIFE Jesus gives to His sheep “abundantly!” May we be found so doing!!