3 – “The Lamb of God Who Takes Away the Sin of The World!”

Going … Make Disciples!

Perfection!! Let’s face it, the very thought of anyone or anything being “perfect” in this world is, for the most part, unimaginable! So imagine the perfect Son of God, who existed before creation, through whom and for whom everything was made, entering into this world, taking upon Himself a human nature, yet without sin … imagine the perfect God living in this world as a perfect man. Why? For the first thirty years of His life Jesus was the perfect son and the perfect brother. But at the age of 30, the age at which Jewish men were considered mature enough to be a “Rabbi,” a “Teacher,” Jesus came to the Jordan River to be baptized by John the Baptist. Jesus was John’s cousin, but John did not know who Jesus was! No one knew who Jesus was!! But they would!!! It seems easy for us to forget that MOST people today do not know who Jesus IS!! They just don’t. You may have heard before how Jesus was baptized by John the Baptist and passed right over how important this moment was in the plan God put in place before He even created the world … His plan to save YOU, if you have placed or do place your faith in Jesus Christ. Jesus’ baptism was a moment when God revealed to John and every true believer who would come after Him that this WAS and IS the promised Savior, the One who alone could and would take away the sins of the world (Jews AND Gentiles). Do YOU know who Jesus is? In your heart and in your mind, do you KNOW who Jesus IS? … NOT who He WAS? But who He IS?!! As you hear God’s testimony concerning His eternal Son, be sure that you are living your life today as one of His disciples. NOTHING ELSE is more important!! Perfection is required to enter into God’s presence. Meet the perfect Savior who can make YOU perfect in God’s sight! Amazing grace!!