7 – “Determining the Legacy of Your Life”

I Have Come That They May Have LIFE!

Quite probably most people don’t think much, if at all, about the “legacy” they will leave behind them when their life on the earth is complete. Some may think about leaving an inheritance of some kind, whether money or property, but a legacy is something “deeper,” something that has an ongoing impact on the lives of those left behind. Typically, it is those who are nearing the end of their lives who begin to think about their legacy and the value of the life they have lived. However, Jesus made it clear that this is something His disciples should be thinking about at whatever stage of life they may be at the present time. This is why Jesus made it clear that the “LIFE” He came to give His sheep was a life of servanthood AND sacrifice … a life lived out “abundantly” through the power of the Holy Spirit at work in all those who are born again! This LIFE is not only contrary to the life so many are living today, but it is contrary to every desire of the sinful nature with which we are born. It is impossible to live the life Jesus gives His sheep without being willing to do what Paul spoke of in Romans 12:1: “ … present your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable to God, which is your spiritual worship!” The “cost” required is SELF!! You can live for your SELF or you can live for God. You cannot do both. Jesus said you must be willing to “lose your life” for His sake. He was not talking only about your physical life. He was talking about your LIFE … ALL of it … living every day for Him! And He promised that it would be worth it!! Living the LIFE Jesus gives as a “living sacrifice” produces the joyful anticipation of what God has promised to all those who know Him, who love Him and who live to serve Him. Every day you are determining the legacy of your life. What are you leaving behind?