10 – “Standing Firm As We Fulfill and Complete Our (GOD’s) Mission”

Living As GOD’s People While We Watch and Wait for Jesus’ Return’

You have not “lived by faith” or by the power of the Spirit until you have attempted something that was sure to fail unless God was at work in you and through you for His glory! The history of the true Church and of individual Christians is filled with story after story of men and women taking “risks” in order to be obedient to God’s command to go into all the world to make disciples of Jesus Christ! God never promised it would be easy; on the contrary, Jesus told His disciples they would face tribulation and they would be hated for His name’s sake. It is too easy for us to take the name of Christ upon us without making a commitment to sacrifice anything, let alone our lives to Him. Yet, that is what many of the early Christians did, and what many around the world are doing today. What enables people to persevere in seeking God and living to serve Him in spite of the evil and wickedness of those around us? It is God Himself who empowers us to fulfill our calling and to complete our (His) mission! God chooses us, works in us by His Word and Spirit, and then strengthens us, giving us wisdom as He directs our paths. Nothing is impossible to HIM!! Therefore, when met with suffering or trials or persecution, we don’t quit or give in or try to find an easier way. We rest in what we have learned and what we know to be true, because we know that God is faithful and He is with us. His grace is sufficient for our every need and He gives us comfort and hope as we persist in the mission He has entrusted to us. As long as you have life and breath, God is not finished with you! There is a purpose for your life as you live to testify to the God who saved you, who loves you and who calls you to Himself. May His will be done!!