12 – “Life in the Spirit for God’s Children”

Romans: “The Gospel of Jesus Christ: Hear It! Believe It! Live It!”

God saves us through the blood of Jesus, forgiving our sins by grace through faith, and promising us a home in heaven when we die. That’s about as far as most people get in thinking about “salvation.” Being “saved” seems to mean going to church, reading the Bible and praying … to most people, but few seem to understand the new life that is theirs in Christ! Instead, they live under a cloak of guilt, trying their best to “be good,” and feeling guilty when they give in to temptation … feeling like spiritual “failures” most of the time. This is certainly not how God wants His children to live!! As Paul has explained the inner transformation of the believer in Romans 6-7, he now writes a lengthy chapter to encourage those who are “in Christ.” There is perhaps no greater chapter in the Bible when it comes to understanding your identity in Christ and the promises of God for those in whom the Spirit of God is at work! There is so much truth here that we will take three messages to attempt to digest it all, but for today simply listen as God speaks to His children … and if by faith you have been united to Christ, to you!! Your Father in heaven wants you to know what He has given to you and to be confident in your relationship with Him. NEW LIFE is God’s gift to His children! This new life is not something you work towards, as though you must achieve it by your own wisdom, strength and power. New life is yours NOW, and as you hear your Father’s voice, He will help you to LIVE IT … for your good and for His glory. Don’t live another day without this blessed assurance. God is speaking to you through His Word. Hear it! Believe it!! And LIVE IT!!!