13 – “Living in the Present As We Eagerly Await the Future!”

Romans: “The Gospel of Jesus Christ: Hear It! Believe It! Live It!”

“Life” is sometimes hard to understand … but it doesn’t have to be. People often say the Bible is hard to understand … but it doesn’t have to be. The solution is the same for both: you need to be a student of God’s Word. The truth is, you will never understand LIFE until you understand God’s Word; and you will never understand God’s Word until you pray for wisdom, study it and learn what it says. Most people think you don’t need to know “the deep things” of God’s Word. Other people spend a lot of time studying “the deep things” of God’s Word and keep asking more questions, often trying to go beyond what God tells us in His Word. Here’s a little secret: “the deep things” of God’s Word are really not that difficult to understand … they are just hard for the human mind set on itself to accept. Everything in God’s Word points to the wisdom, power and rule of the one true God over all things. He is sovereign. He is in control. From creation to the consummation of all things, God is God!! The only purpose for studying “the deep things” is to help you understand the simple things. Once you know who God is, believing what He says becomes easy, even if you don’t yet fully understand it. As someone has said, “God says it. That settles it!” Those who by God’s grace receive wisdom as His Spirit lives within us are empowered to live in the present, enduring suffering and trials, because we know all of this is temporary. We are destined for glory!! “Predestination” is not a doctrine to be debated; it is a truth to be embraced, for in God’s plan we who believe will reach our final destination! Praise God for His sovereign plan and purpose, and thank Him if you know Him and have been saved by His amazing grace through faith in Jesus Christ and the power of His Spirit!! Your present is redeemed, and your future is secure!