2 – “PEACE … Is Found Only Through Jesus!”

Advent Series

“Peace on earth, goodwill toward men” has been repeated so many times during the Christmas season that the words have lost whatever meaning they may have had. PEACE continues to be an elusive dream as nations go to war, politicians disagree, families disintegrate and the majority of the human race rejects the only true peace that can be experienced in this world: GOD’s peace!! To even speak about “peace” at Christmastime, or at any other time of the year, produces a reaction of skepticism or, at best, cautious optimism. At the root of the problem is the refusal of most to recognize or accept the correct diagnosis:  the sinful depravity of the heart of every human being alive on the earth today! People cannot and will not live at peace with each other because they are not at peace with GOD!! SIN … that ugly little word that most do not want to talk about … has left the human heart in a spiritual condition of death and decay.  What you see around you is evidence of spiritual death! Where there is no spiritual life there can be no peace of any kind. There can be no peace of mind, no peace among men, no peace with God. BUT GOD has made a way! God promised a pathway to peace through the One He would send as “the Prince of Peace,” His own Son, Jesus, the Christ! In the birth of the Savior God had promised the possibility of peace became real … an “inner” peace that would produce peace with God and could produce peace among men. In the Gospel of Jesus Christ God offers “peace that passes understanding” to those who believe, who confess Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord, who are empowered by His Spirit to live with Him and for Him in this world as we await the coming of His kingdom. GOD’s peace is not a peace you create, but a peace you receive and then offer to others in the name of Jesus. May you know this peace as you believe in Jesus and live to serve Him as an ambassador of peace!