3 – “Human Nature at Its BEST Deserves the Judgment of God!”

Romans:  “The Gospel of Jesus Christ:  Hear It! Believe It! Live It!”

There are certain subjects people would rather not talk about, and one of them is the wrath of God. Perhaps it is because people don’t like to feel guilty, and even if they don’t know God or believe in His judgment, in their hearts they know they are guilty of not being a “good” person … at least not all the time. At some point in their lives most people begin to think about life after death, and when those thoughts come they want to believe only good things lie ahead. “Wrath” is like a spiritual four-letter word that nice Christian people should never use! We should just talk about God’s love because the Bible says, “God IS love!” It is much more acceptable to say, “God loves everyone!” than it is to confront people with the reality of their sin and of God’s judgment. But here’s the problem: If we don’t talk about God’s wrath and His judgment against sin, then His love doesn’t mean anything. “God loves you!” … so what?! People may quickly respond, “If God loves me, why is life so hard??” Remove sin and judgment from the conversation and the love of God in Christ becomes empty words followed by empty promises. What does John 3:16 mean if you don’t believe in God’s wrath? “God so loved the world that He gave His only Son …” WHY? To save those who deserved His judgment! To bear God’s WRATH in our place!! Why would God punish His Son in our place if WE didn’t deserve His wrath and judgment? God IS love … but He is also holy and just! One doesn’t cancel out the other. Why should people seek a Savior if they don’t know they need one?? God’s wrath is a reality, and proclaiming the truth about His wrath is part of proclaiming the Gospel. The bad news prepares the way for the good news: In Jesus Christ is forgiveness and life! Amazing grace, how sweet the sound!!