4 – “Satan … Fact or Fiction?”

The Truth About God, Satan, Angels, Demons, Heaven and Hell

More and more books, movies and TV shows are centered around the reality of a spiritual world of evil, where people are merely pawns to be used and abused by the forces of darkness. While there is an occasional “victory” for the “good guys,” as good overcomes evil, the power of evil in the spiritual realm more often appears virtually invincible. What most human beings fail to realize is that the spiritual realm is REAL!! As certainly as God, the Creator of all things, is real, Satan and evil are real, and the two “sides” are at war with each other. This is the backdrop of the Bible, God’s Word to His children. Because God is the spiritual Father of every true believer, having given us new life by His Word and Spirit through faith in Jesus Christ, He wants His children to understand that we are at war with the forces of evil in the spiritual realm and to be engaged in the battle as soldiers of Christ! It has been said that “Christianity is not a spectator sport,” yet many who take the name of Christ upon them refuse to “get off the bench” and get in the game!! Either they underestimate their adversary, or they just leave the fighting to Jesus, believing they can just stay on the sidelines and avoid serious injury by not “getting involved.” This leads to an apathetic, lukewarm “church,” to whom Jesus said, “Because you are lukewarm, and neither hot nor cold, I will spit you out of my mouth” (Revelation 3:16). Jesus came into the world to confront the power of Satan head-on, and He says, “As the Father sent ME, even so I am sending you!” (John 20:21). Are you engaged in the battle for Christ and for His Church? Do you take Satan seriously? Do you know who you are and why you are here? The enemy is real. The battle is real. And the Church is Christ’s army, against which the gates of hell cannot and will not prevail!! Let’s DO this!!!