7 – “ANGELS … Messengers and Servants of God, and His People”

The Truth About God, Satan, Angels, Demons, Heaven and Hell

If all you think about every day is what your eyes can see, you will be missing the hope, the peace, the comfort and the joy that could be yours if you thought more about the spiritual realm, where angels worship and serve God, their Creator … and ours!! While the spiritual realm is normally invisible to the human eye, it is as real as the physical world in which we live. In God’s sight and for His purposes, the spiritual realm and the physical realm intersect whenever and however He desires. Angels are spiritual beings, created by God to serve Him AND to serve His people. There are numerous places throughout the Old Testament where angels were sent by God to speak to people or to minister to people. The Gospel record of the life of Jesus mentions angels from His birth to His resurrection, and the writer of Hebrews speaks clearly of the existence of angels and their role in ministering to believers. In his “Revelation,” the Apostle John speaks of the role of the angels in gathering God’s elect and executing God’s judgment on the rest of mankind. Angels are a part of God’s plan to bring salvation to His chosen children and to minister to those who believe, who draw near to God through faith in Jesus Christ. As you engage in the spiritual war between God and Satan, how encouraging to know that there are other “forces” at work to overcome the evil that Satan and his demons desire to bring into your life. You may not see them, but they are all around you, every day. You will learn today about the existence of angels and the role they play in God’s plan and in your life. The more you learn to think about what is happening in the spiritual realm, the more effective you will be as you serve the Lord in your daily life. You will be filled with joy and confidence that leads to courage and boldness because you know that there is more happening than what you can see, and the army of Jesus will win the battle!