6 – “Satan’s Final Judgment … The Death of Evil!”

The Truth About God, Satan, Angels, Demons, Heaven and Hell

It will happen … just as God says it will happen. Jesus will return, and destroy the power of Satan on the earth and establish His kingdom, where He will rule over the nations for a thousand years. And at the end of that time, Satan will be released to gather the nations one more time before God destroys evil and wickedness once and for all and Satan and his demons are cast into eternal hell, where they will face the just judgment of God forever! But before all of that happens, God tells us that we must stand firm in the truth and persevere through trials, suffering, temptations and persecution, knowing that He is at work, that He is faithful to those who draw near to Him through faith in Jesus Christ, and that in the end … in the end, we have VICTORY in JESUS!!! How often do you think of these things as you live your everyday life in this world? Most people think of “end times” as a topic to be discussed and debated, but in reality, the entire Bible points toward the end of this age at the return of Jesus Christ! It was the hope of the early Christians, and it should be your hope today. Satan is real, evil is real, BUT GOD!!! He is at work IN His Church and FOR His Church, and if you are part of Christ’s Body you must know that He is with you, He is on your side, and He is at work to accomplish His purpose in and through YOU! Your understanding of the purpose of your life must be raised to a spiritual level or you will be distracted by the daily things that grab your attention. Every day is important in the context of your time on the earth AND in the context of eternity! Of all people who have lived on this planet over the past 6,000 years, we should be thinking of God’s promises and living with confidence and boldness in these days!! We WILL overcome, by the blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimony!