7 – “It’s Better This Way!”

Words From The Upper Room

No one knows the future … except GOD!! The beauty of God’s revelation in His Word is that He tells us what to expect as we live life in this world, and what lies ahead for God’s people, the Church. Jesus had told the disciples He was going to Jerusalem and that He would be put to death, but rise again on the third day. Now the time had come, and they were filled with sorrow … understandably so. But once again Jesus told them what lay ahead to encourage them, and to prepare them for the work God had planned for them to do. The same is true for us today! These words of Jesus from the upper room were spoken to the eleven, and yet if you listen closely to what Jesus says, you will find great encouragement for yourself as you desire to live for Jesus in the world today. Every true believer has the same Spirit who was given to the disciples. Unlike these men, we do not receive new revelation from God to write down. Our words are not the Word of God. But the same Spirit gives us understanding of all that God has revealed in His Word. In the words of our text today, Jesus explains the advantage of the transition from His physical presence with them to the presence of the Holy Spirit within them, and the work of the Spirit during what we call the “church age.” As they were about to be sent into the world with the message of His kingdom, they needed to know what to expect. So do we! As these disciples, soon to be “apostles,” “sent-out ones,” lived in an age of fulfillment, so do we! As they needed to be prepared, so do we!! In these words of Jesus you will find “strength for today and bright hope for tomorrow,” and you will be prepared to live as they did, to bring glory to Jesus, knowing that He will hold you fast to accomplish all He has for you to do!!