8 – “One Step At a Time!”

Words From The Upper Room

Who would not prefer an “easy road” through life? Given the choice, no one would choose sorrow, suffering, and trials. But while there are those who claim that Jesus promises those who believe in Him such a path, His words that have been passed on to us through the Apostles tell a different story. Jesus simply never promised “heaven on earth” to His disciples, then or now. However, Jesus DID promise to turn our sorrow to joy, to turn our faith into a relationship with His Father, and to turn our trials into victory! God does not choose to show His children the whole picture of what our lives in this world will look like. Certainly, the disciples who were with Jesus in the upper room wanted to understand what was about to happen, but they could not yet grasp what lay ahead. Still, Jesus knew they needed encouragement, so He gave them some things to think about in order to prepare them for what was about to happen. In doing so Jesus reveals some truths for Christians throughout the centuries who live in a world where looks are deceiving … where evil appears to be winning … BUT GOD!! Like children learning to walk, wisdom requires taking one step at a time, learning to rest in God’s promises in Christ, embracing the present, and not fearing what lies ahead. It is here that joy in the Lord, fellowship with the Father, and victory in tribulation is found. It is here that you learn to rest in the Father’s love and to trust in His plan. It is here that you learn to draw near to Him and to pray in Jesus’ name, knowing He hears you, and knowing that FAITH leads to victory in Jesus! If you find yourself trying to run through life, only to feel overwhelmed, exhausted, and anxious. Slow down! Listen to Jesus, and take one step at a time!!!