8 – “Your/Our Reputation Matters!”

Living As GOD’s People While We Watch and Wait for Jesus’ Return’

You have heard it said that in this world believers “live by faith, not by sight.” Believers are called to live every day trusting God in every circumstance because He has promised to work all things together for our good and for His glory! We have a reputation to uphold … not only ours, but HIS! There are those who say that we all “question God” at times, but while it is one thing to confess you don’t understand what God is doing, it is another thing to demand that God make His whole plan known to YOU, or get your approval before He carries it out. While we may all be tempted to ask God questions about things or events we don’t understand, questioning God’s character or wisdom or authority leads to doubt and despair. In his second letter to the Thessalonians the Apostle Paul commends the believers there for their reputation of faith in the midst of persecution and affliction. Then he goes on to explain that their faith in God is justified because God will indeed bring them relief when Jesus returns to inflict His vengeance on those who are persecuting them and causing their afflictions, while at the same time bringing glory to Himself through their faith and resolve to “keep on keeping on!” God’s power is on display in the lives of true believers, and as he told them in his first letter, Paul reminds them that people are watching and seeing their faith in the midst of their trials. You who believe are called to do the same today! Are others seeing the evidence of your faith in your attitude and in your life as you continue to trust God and to serve Christ no matter what your circumstances may be? May God help you day by day to shine His light to those around you as you find Him faithful in every way!