3 – “Someone Has to Tell Them!” (Stand Alone Sermon)

Stand Alone Sermon

As godless men and women rule over the nations of the world and talk about a “new world order,” someone should tell them that “the kingdom of God” will soon come in its fullness and they will be found outside of it … forever!! As people struggle to make sense of “life,” facing trials and suffering without hope, someone should tell them that Jesus Christ is God’s anointed King, and that HIS kingdom will never end. As people go on about their lives as though they are in control, all the while living in the bondage of the nature of sin in which they were born, someone should tell them there is a better way, a narrow road that leads to life through faith in Jesus. Someone should tell them that Jesus came to proclaim the Kingdom of God and that those who repent and believe in Him enter into His kingdom, even while they continue to live in this world. Someone has to tell them, or they will never know; and God has not left Himself without a witness. Clearly, you must first know the truth before you can tell someone else the truth. You must have had your eyes and ears opened by the Spirit of God in order to “see” the kingdom of God, to hear the good news of how to enter the kingdom of God, and then be empowered to point others to the One who IS “the Way and the Truth and the Life!” People without the knowledge God provides in His Word cannot arrive at spiritual truth. God’s kingdom is at this time a spiritual kingdom that is present in this world, but it will be a physical kingdom when Jesus returns, and ultimately when God Himself creates the new heavens and the new earth, where He will dwell with mankind … forever!! Jesus came to proclaim the good news of the coming kingdom, and we who believe today are sent to do the same, even as we rejoice in the grace God has shown to us in making us part of His kingdom. THIS is what the Bible is about! Most people know nothing about God’s kingdom or the way to enter it … SOMEONE has to tell them!