4 – “The Parable of the Rich Fool”

The Parables of Jesus

When people think of the word “philosophy” most probably think of a class you might take in college. Most people believe philosophy has nothing to do with them … yet every person who has ever lived has had a philosophy of life that they lived out, whether for good or for bad. Most people don’t even realize how their own personal philosophy affects the choices they make and the consequences they face. Imagining themselves to be “free agents,” living in this world with the ability to determine their own course, to be the captains of their own fate, they readily choose from the smorgasbord of human solutions (philosophies) that have been offered through the centuries in a vain attempt to solve the obvious problems they face. The environmental “movement” is an example of a worldly philosophy of life, mixed with just enough “bait” to catch the unsuspecting in its web, convincing them that they can “save the planet” and rescue mankind from the inevitable destruction of “life” as we know it. Every idea, every philosophy invented by mankind leads away from trust in the sovereign Creator who has revealed Himself in His creation and in His Son Jesus Christ. Ignoring God’s revelation in His Word, people are left with no foundation to build on, no meaning or purpose for life, and no hope of eternal life. So, they “manufacture” meaning for life in this world, and when life falls apart they create “gods” (religions) in their own image that offer some vague spiritual existence in the future. It is all a mirage, and at the moment of death it will all disappear. Praise God, there IS a philosophy of life that offers peace of mind and heart now, AND a sure and certain hope of eternal life in a new heaven and a new earth when Jesus Christ returns!! What is YOUR philosophy of life??? Do you know why you are here and where you are going?? Listen to God’s Word and learn the truth!!!